Hydrophilic interaction

SeQuant® is a registered brand name of Merck KGaA. The product line includes ZIC®-HILIC, ZIC®-pHILIC and ZIC®-cHILIC columns for HPLC and LC-MS analysis of polar compounds by hydrophilic interaction chromatography. 


For more information visit the website of Merck Millipore.

Ion chromatography

Xenoic® XAMS ion chromatography suppressors and ASUREX regeneration systems by Diduco AB are fully compatible with, and can replace the SeQuant® SAMS and CARS products, previously manufactured by Merck Millipore. 


For more information visit the website of Diduco AB.


What was SeQuant AB and why is this website here?


Examples of events and scientific contributions to the HILIC technology from SeQuant AB.


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